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Rescue Hydraulic Tools R412-E Hydraulic Rescue Equipment Electric Ram

(1) All kinds of accidents, transportation accident rescue, earthquake, building collapse and other disaster rescue;

(2) Mainly used for propping up, jacking up, and keeping heavy objects stable;

(3) More suitable for long-distance, high place or high altitude rescue operation.

Product features:

(1) Self-contained power supply, no need for external power source, no pipe, zero emission, more environmentally friendly and healthier;

(2) High performance, low noise, high performance battery, plug and play;

(3) One key switch, ready to use;

(4) Switch, lighting split design, ready to use;

(5) LED indicator light shows the battery balance in time;

(6) The handle is equipped with lighting to provide illumination, which is convenient for night operation;

(7) The design of star-shaped hand valve makes the operation more convenient and precise.
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  • R412-E

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